Up The River Without A Paddle

Overview of event and web site
Event Route and course description
World Record Criteria and Guinness proposal
Training Schedule and event log
Online Media Kit, images, and information
Site Map and content layout
Peak Experiences
Appomattox River Company
James River Outdoor Coalition
Churchill Swim Fins


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Whitewater Swimmer Site Map:

  1. Overview
    1. Literary diversion: The Craven
  2. Event Route
    1. Lower Falls Map 1: Pipeline Rapids
    2. Lower Falls Map 2: Belle Isle Series
    3. Lower Falls Map 3: Reedy Creek Confluance
    4. Lower Falls Map 4: Mitchell's Gut
    5. Lower Falls Map 5: Choo-Choo Rapids
    6. Lower Falls Map 6: Powhite Ledges
  3. World Record Criteria
    1. Guinness proposal: Background Information
    2. Guinness proposal: Proposed Rules
    3. Guinness proposal: Proposed Documentation
  4. Training Schedule
    1. Training log: Week 20 (May 2 - 8)
    2. Training log: Week 21 (May 9 - 15)
    3. Training log: Week 22 (May 16 - 22)
    4. Training log: Week 23 (May 23 - 29)
    5. Training log: Week 24 (May 30 - June 5)
  5. Online Media Kit
    1. Photo: Chillin' By The Riverside
    2. Photo: Rough Routes And Rapid Climbing
    3. Photo: Elemental Design And Development
    4. Photo: At Home On Location
    5. Photo: Web For The Digitally Challenged
    6. Photo: '98 Downriver Event Sets A Standard
  6. Site Map
  7. Credits
    1. Testimonial: Peak Experiences
    2. Testimonial: Passages
    3. Testimonial: Appomottox River Company
    4. Testimonial: James River Outdoor Coalition
    5. Testimonial: Churchill Swim Fins
    6. Testimonial: Speedo Swimwear
    7. Testimonial: PowerBars
    8. Testimonial: Gatorade

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We must leave our mark on life while we have it in our power.
-Isak Dinesen-

Caution: This sport could cause injury up to and including your death!
Proper equipment, practice, safety support, and adult supervision are required. Have fun and stay safe!