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This Online Media Kit contains an archive of photos and text leading up to this year's world record event. Photos of the actual event are being processed and will be added shortly. Further infomation and press-ready images are available from Thom Stanton at 804-714-6247.


Dressed for success in cool currents.

Chillin' By The Riverside
Thom takes lunch breaks downtown in the Pipeline Rapids. The Belle Isle Series and Pony Pasture rapids provide swift alternatives for after work training.

Thom prepares to swim up the next pool.

Rough Routes And Rapid Climbing
Becomming one with the river is the only way Thom can work his way upstream. Slower water is often found along the bottom or through swift shoals, so choosing routes that take advantage of these natural hydrolic effects is key.

On location on the James.

Elemental Design And Development
Thom works as a Creative Director and Lead Intranet Developer for a Richmond-based Fortune 5 company. He also produces "high-impact" marketing media and promotional materials for various outdoor, adventure, powersport, and related companies through ProActive Ad Ventures. Thom likes working outdoors and getting close to the action with a camera even when the elements resist.

Thom shoots Casey Cockerham at Hollywood Rapid.

At Home On Location
Thom shoots Casey Cockerham riding the top wave on Hollywood rapid for the closing shot of Passages' Adventure Camp video. Hollywood is a Class IV rapid that Thom will have to "attain" during this year's event.

Webbed fingered gloves pull their weight and more upriver.

Webs For The Digitally Challenged
Whitewater swimming is a constant battle of the elements. These web-fingered gloves helped pull Thom around the James for over six years, while a reliable pair of Churchill flips provide the necessary push to swim against the raging current.

Thom's timecard from his '99 downriver swim.

Downriver Event Sets A Standard
This waterproof card outlined waypoints along Thom's 8 mile downriver swim from Huguenot Woods to Mayo Island last year. Safety boater Mark Brown used the grease pencil to mark actual times on his kayak. To date, Thom is the only person to swim the full Falls, doing so in a mere 2 hours 11 minutes.

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Can't means won't.

Caution: This sport could cause injury up to and including your death!
Proper equipment, practice, safety support, and adult supervision are required. Have fun and stay safe!