Thom Stanton Open Portfolio

Attention Executives:

With all the options out there, with more and more online, it's difficult to know how to make it all fit... and be effective!

With more than twenty years of hands-on experience and agency support in related advertising, marketing, and multimedia fields, I can help your company put all the pieces together, further extend its MarCom efforts, and realize greater results with your ever more limited budgets.

I focus on providing an affordable mix of integrated web and video production services that supports:

Industries Solutions Services
Banking/Financial Services
Health & Fitness
Industrial Manufacturing
Internet Business Services
Non-Profit Membership Associations
Real Estate Transaction Services
Sports and Recreation
Training and Education
Brand Development
Content Management
Customer Relationship Mgmt.
Educational Design
E-Business Solutions
Email/Mobile Messaging
Information Architecture
Integrated MarCom
Interactive Strategies
Market Research/Positioning
Membership Marketing
Video Program Integration
Application Design
Business Analysis
Graphic Design
Interactive Strategies
Logotype Design
Market Research
Product Rollout/Promotion
Project Management
Social Media Integration
Turnkey Video Production
Usability Modeling/Research
Website Design/Development

Your business, its constituents, and market positioning are unique. While off-the-shelf solutions work well for most needs, it's a solid implimentation strategy and balanced marketing mix that will help you stand out from the clutter, increase mindshare, and truly engage your target markets.

Budgets are stretched, and time is tight. Get more immediate results that will help your business grow and prosper today!

Contact me today for an an introductory consultation that includes a quick review of your needs and a few free tips.

Looking forward to talking with you soon! – Thom @ 804.714.6247